Mango Tree House and The Mango Tree Trust

The Mango Tree Trust is a children's charity in Goa. We are based at Mango Tree House just outside the town of Mapusa. From our base we support approximately 260 disadvantaged children every day Monday to Friday. Read about our work below.

We welcome visitors, but ask that you make an appointment in advance. Please call us on +91 960 465 4588 or email us at

When Mango Tree Goa was founded in 2012 one of our main objectives was to have owned premises so we had certainty about the future of the Charity's work. In all it took 11 years to raise sufficient funds, purchase a plot, renovate the old Portugese house on the property and build an extension which would accommodate all our children. Finally, in October 2023 we were able to move all children to Mango Tree House. You can read a little about our journey by clicking the links opposite.

We have summarised the main areas of our work below but you can learn much more about us from the 4 minute video made by a friend of Mango tree at our previous premises, Mango House, but in fact although our location has changed, our activities remain just the same. Click here to see our video. If you are visiting Goa we would look to see you at Mango Tree House. If you are in Calangute, Candolim, Baga or Arpora we are happy to arrange a lift. Click here to see what some of our past visitors said.

Pre-Primary School
We run a Government registered pre-primary school each morning. The school is an essential support to help prepare children to enter mainstream school. We teach the English and Marathi alphabets, simple words, numbers and counting, song and dance. All children have lunch and can eat as much as they need.
Afternoon Tuition Classes
After primary and secondary schools finish at lunch time, children head to Mango House for lunch and afternoon classes. Children complete homework and teachers assist children with subjects they have some difficulty with. We also ensure that part of the afternoon is devoted to other activities such as library, art and craft, play etc.
Health & Hygiene
We encourage children to keep clean and stay healthy. All pre-primary children brush their teeth after lunch. We fund some medical treatment and dentistry and provide toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap for all. We also liaise with the local Health department who provide talks and run immunisation programmes..
Provide Nutritious Meals
We provide a healthy nutritious lunch Monday to Friday for all of the pre-primary children and those attending in the afternoons.
Celebrate & Have Fun
We celebrate all important religious festivals and national days in India. We also hold a birthday party each month to celebrate birthdays arising in the month.

The children work hard at school and when it is holiday time we often plan extra activities and outings.

School Admission and Support
Many children don’t have a birth certificate which is needed to gain access to school and we are able to assist families to overcome this problem. We also enrol children into local schools and ensure they receive uniforms, rainwear and stationery. We monitor school attendance and counsel children and parents. We also reward both good attendance and achievement.
College & University Assistance
We are delighted that some children have now progressed to College and University. Mango House offers both financial support with fees and other resources and support as needed.
Private Tuition Classes
Once children reach 7th Standard we fund private tuition classes for them. These are smaller so tuturs can better focus on individual needs. Children regularly come in to meet with our Social Worker.
Children's Bank
We run a children's bank to encourage them to learn about the value of money and saving towards a goal. They deposit their few rupees and earn a little interest on the savings.
Distribute Clothes and Toys

We receive many second-hand clothes and toys which we distribute on your behalf to the children we support.

Click here to read about which clothes are suitable.

SECTION 80G EXEMPTION : The Mango Tree Trust is exempt under section 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act (1961). Under Section 80G a 50% deduction is available on all contributions to the Trust subject to calculation and limitation.

If you are an Indian National or NRI and would like to help by making a donation to the Trust please contact or call on +91 960 465 4588.