Clothing Gifts - What is Suitable

Children’s clothes are a great thing to take to Mango House but we do need to be clear about what we can realistically use and what we can’t. Here are a few things to think about...

Adult Clothes

We are unable to accept adult clothes. They are too large for the children and often too large for their parents too. It’s a big job to sort the clothes we are given and we prefer to limit what we accept to the things we can make good use of.


Girls are very modest in India and as such only feel comfortable in longer skirts/dresses. Skirts should always be longer than the knee and preferably full length.


Indian children are small, the maximum size should really be to fit an English Boy/Girl of 12 to 13 years of age. This is likely to be ample for all the children that are helped.


New underwear is a great thing to bring, but size is important. Most of the children wear underwear that is designed for much younger children. The UK age for underwear should really be between 1 year and 6 years of age.


Children wear flip flops or go barefoot. Socks are not needed.


Simple sandals and flip flops are mostly used in India. Sizes below size 5 would be best.

Baby Clothes

Indian babies are much smaller than European babies so baby clothes equivalent to UK new-born, 0-3 or 3-6 months are best. All in ones above this are just too big. Separate tops and bottoms are preferred.