Our Compliments of the Season 2016-2017

The majority of our funding comes from individual donors and fundraisers. Without them very little would be possible and we depend upon them for so much. Much of that support has arisen as a result of people visiting Mango House and seeing for themselves what donations are making possible. We really hope that if you are in Goa you will visit us – if you are staying in Candoim, Calangute, Baga or Apora we will be happy to arrange a lift so that you can easily visit us. Please contact us by emailing info@mangotreegoa.org. For those who are unable to visit here are some of the compliments we received in the 2016/17 tourist season which broadly runs from October to April. Every one of the compliments shown was unsolicited. We hope they will give you confidence about who we are and what we are able to achieve and that you too might become a Mango Tree Supporter..

3rd October 2016 - DD

"Just to let you know I am back in the UK after my trip to India and our visit to the school with my daughters. It was really lovely to see and meet some of the children in their classrooms and to meet Savita too. We feel so good about contributing to something so worthwhile"

23rd October 2016 - LD

"My husband and I support Mango House visiting at least once during our stay in Cavelossim. We will be there from Jan 15 for 4 weeks if anyone would like to help by bringing donations we will be happy to arrange to meet….it really is an amazing place"

19th November 2016 - TK

"It was fun to visit the school and I'm sure we will be back in goa some time for another visit, thanx again"

24th November 2016 - JB

"it’s an amazing run place doing so much good"

24th November 2016 - SH

"So glad you went to the school. They do an amazing job don’t they and it feels such a privilege to be such a small part in building the wall for the new school"

24th November 2016 - RS

"We had a fantastic day there and they were all so lovely and happy"

25th Nov 2016 - NJ

"We had a lovely day. Thanks to you and Jane for talking us through everything"

28th November 2016-  LD

"Visited there last week, what an amazing place…we will definitely be back, you do such great work with the children"

1st December 2016 - SC

"We were really taken aback by the amazing work being done by Savita and the team out there at Mango House!! So much so that my wife and I would be really interested in helping you and your fellow Trustees to fund raise for this great cause, as well as helping out in any other way we can (time, promotion etc.)"

2nd December 2016 - JB

"Visited Mango tree house school today with charity goods of clothes and toys. Anybody due out here if you can bring something for this lovely little school. Charity run for children from slum or poor backgrounds. What a wonderful job they do. We had a little tour of the classrooms and the children sang for us and did spellings etc we both had tears in our eyes"

5th December 2016 - SN

"This is an amazing charity. I do a lot for mango house and you can see the progression year on year"

6th December 2016-  - SC

"Thanks again for welcoming me and Meena to Mango House a couple of weeks ago. We were really happy to see the truly amazing work you’re doing out there"

8th December 2016 – SN

"These people do an awesome job!"

8th December 2016  - DG

"I would just like to thank you again for our lovely welcome from yourself, other staff members and also the gorgeous children you have at Mango tree"

14th December 2016  - AF        

"Such a lovely place staff and children alike"

15th Dec 2016  – JC

"I congratulate you on a truly amazing project"

22nd December 2016 - KS

"It was a pleasure meeting you and the rest of the staff at Mango House. Our time there has been incredible and rewarding indeed. What you are all doing is truly remarkable and keep up the good work. We are glad to be of help and we shall definitely be visiting you again next time we are in Goa!"

11th January 2017 – AF

"I enjoyed every minute of it
Children are delightful and staff lovely and friendly"

13th January 2017 - JD

"It was a really positive experience to see the school and find out more about the work you are doing. I look forward to receiving your newsletter periodically to get an update"

13th January 2017 - JM

"It was an honour to visit you all and see the great work you're doing first hand. I would love to have your newsletters and hear about your plans  and progress"

17th January 2017 - PD

"It is always humbling when visiting and witnessing the great work you do. There is no need to thank us. Keep motivated and continue making a difference"

18th January 2017  - LS

The lady that showed us around the school and told us so much about how it is run,  it was excellent  the way she greeted us

20th January 2017 - LF

"A very special thanks to you and the kids for sparing time to show us around and for all those memorable performances. The team loved the experience.

We will do our best to spread the word and hope that it will help to get more recognition and much more support.

We admire all the hard work that goes into this and you guys will continue to be an inspiration for us. 

We'll be in touch"

21st January 2017 – CD

"It was a pleasure to visit the mango house and to see the amazing job that you are all doing.

I have shared your Facebook page, I hope that can help"

23rd January 2017  - JF

"it was a great experience and a wonderful memory for me. I will be back in touch with Mango Tree soon and look forward to continuing to work with your organization"

31st January 2017 - EB

"Thank you so much for allowing us to come and visit! We really enjoyed it! So lovely to see!  We will definitely keep in touch!  Thank you again. Please feel free to contact me regarding any resources and activity ideas or anything that would be of use and we can see what we can do.”

2nd February 2017 CA

"it was my pleasure to bring things for the children and glad to have been of help. I will be back in April sometime hopefully with a lot more items of clothing & games not forgetting chocolates. Keep up the good work and I look forward to visiting again soon "

25th February 2017 - AM

"When visiting your place this Monday I found it so emotional and learned about how little can make a big difference to these children’s lives"

28th February 2017 - KB

"It was lovely to come to Mango house and see the children and see how dedicated the staff are.  I am spreading the word in work about the work you all do and hopefully I may get some interest for sponsorship"

5th March 2017  - CB

"We had such a wonderful day there it was a lovely, and emotional, experience. Savita and all her team work so hard and they all made us feel so welcome, and the children were all an absolute delight…………………..Keep up the good work! I hope I can visit again soon, and maybe next time I can bring my girls too!"

6th March 2017  - DG

"Recently my sister Katie visited your charity in Goa. She told me of all the amazing work you are doing and I would love to contribute to your great work"

7th March 2017 - GH

"I heard about your wonderful organisation from my dear friend Katie who visited you recently"

8th March 2017  - LB

"I would just like to say a big thank you for showing myself and Sharon around Mango House 03/03. It was lovely to see how money / supplies will directly help the cause and great to see the amazing work that you all do. Hope to do some fundraising for you soon!"

8th March, 2017 – KM

"It was a pleasure to visit  mango house and I would love to keep in touch.  The children were a pleasure when we visited and I wished I could have spent more time and perhaps helped in a more practical way.  Hopefully next year that might be possible" 

10th March 2017 - GM

"Thank you for the warm welcome we received when visiting Mango tree house! You have achieved so much and given so much to children who would otherwise grow up without the basic literacy skills you are teaching them ! In addition the self confidence of all the children we met was overwhelming!"

10th March 2017  - CM

"Was such a pleasure to meet you all and the children. It really is beautiful what you’rer doing from the kindness of your hearts. So I would like to do a few yoga classes for this charity starting at the end of the month. Who do I need to contact to get a fund raising pack?"

19th March 2017  - LM

"Me and my husband were absolutely overwhelmed with the children and the work that you do at the Mango Tree. Not only would we like to visit next year we would like to do more and donate more" 

1st April 2017  - EC

"We got to spend the afternoon at Mango Tree House yesterday talking to the children and helping them choose their new football boots that so many of you kindly donated, if only I could bottle up the happiness and excitement on the little boys faces"

2nd April 2017  - AE

"I just wanted to Thankyou for your time and allowing my parents and I to see the amazing work you are all doing at Mango tree house during our visit last Wednesday. We were really touched by it"

3rd April 2017  - RL

"Thanks to everyone for showing us around today. An uplifting experience we both felt" 

4th April 2017  - SH

"We have returned to the U.S.A. after our trip to India. Our children had a wonderful time with your students. Thank you for the opportunity to work with them. My husband and I have a strong desire to raise money for the completion of the school"

8th April 2017  - CD

"Thank you for letting us all visit yesterday! Everyone enjoyed their time at Mango Tree they all noted how happy the children were! …  You are all doing a brilliant job!"

14th April 2017  - KW

"I have never been involved with a charity that was so gracious and truly focused on providing children a way to get out of generational poverty through education….…..The children are so special and your team is very compassionate. I'm hoping to raise as much as I can for you"

17th April 2017  - CA

"I think the work that you do is so amazing. So important. You´re really the best!"