Our Partners & Projects

We believe that children have the right to a healthy, educated childhood. We also believe that education is the main route out of poverty. Our projects therefore focus on education and helping children access and remain in mainstream school. Whilst there are no boundaries to ability many children have to overcome enormous obstacles to succeed at school and we recognise that nutrition and good health all help their chances of success and we target our funding at these areas too.

Each year we support around 270 disadvantaged children daily through our Mango House and Learning Tree projects. We also plan to build an extension at the newly purchase Mango Tree House. Each of our projects is summarised below but you can read in more detail about each project by clicking on the relevant photograph.

Mango House
Our Mango House project is located at Mapusa in North Goa. The project supports around 200 children each day mainly through its pre-primary school, afternoon tuition and feeding programmes. Click here to read all about Mango House and the many ways it supports children.
The Mango Tree House
In June 2019 we purchased this magnificent villa with a large garden. We are fundraising to build a two storey extension but have meanwhile renovated the house. We hope to open for children soon. You can read all about our House and our appeal here.
Every year Mango Tree provides very many children with a new school bag filled with stationery and toiletries. A complete bag costs around £10 yet it can make all the difference. To read why we do this and about the project in more detail click here.
In addition to school bags we also provide around 370 children in formal school with at least one set of uniform each year. We also provide footwear and rainwear for the Mango House and Colva children. at the beginning of each school year. Without a uniform which costs less than £6 a child can’t enter school. Read more about the project here.