Each year Mango Tree provides hundreds of uniforms for disadvantaged children. The Government does provide a set of uniforms for the youngest children (1st to 4th standard) but nothing is provided thereafter. Children are not allowed to enter school without the correct uniform and appropriate footwear. It might only cost around £5.00 to provide a uniform but it is out of the reach of many families It is yet another potential barrier which can mean a disadvantaged child either cannot attend school at all or attends in a uniform in a very poor state. Attending school in a neat and tidy uniform can make a huge difference to a child’s confidence and self-esteem and how they feel about attending school.

We provide at least one set of uniform to around 250 of the most in need and also provide around 150 uniforms to pre-primary children. We provide good quality rain macs for the 1st to 4th standard children every other year and through our Bags4School project we provide umbrellas for all children in 5th standard and above. You can read more about what a difference providing a raincoat can make here.

The new academic year in India starts in June after the long summer holidays. Well before school breaks up in April plans are being put into place to ensure that uniforms are ready for the new year. Providing uniforms is a complicated business since the children attend several different schools, most of which have different uniforms. Some are ready made whilst the majority are individually tailored. A change of uniform takes place when children move from 4th standard to 5th standard and at 8th standard boys change from shorts to long trousers. All children have to be measured by the tailor, the necessary cloths for the various uniforms are purchased, uniforms are stitched and the readymade uniforms purchased. It is a big task for the Mango House team to ensure all children have the correct uniform for the new year and we always appreciate their work to make this project a success.

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Overcoming the Monsoon

Throughout the monsoon school carries on as normal. Each day children queue for the bus of walk to school in torrential rain but imagine for a moment being a child and not having a raincoat. Read here what would be likely to happen.

Uniform & School Bags

We have put together a gallery set showing the provision of uniforms and bags at the beginning of the academic year. Click here to see it.

What Mango Tree Means

One day the Mango House counsellor was chatting to the children about what Mango Tree meant to children and what they enjoyed most. We expected they would mention parties or outings but actually all referred to the support they received which helped them attend school. This little girl's words really made us think.