Gifts in Kind - Things we Need

We are are very fortunate that in addition to receiving cash donations many people give gifts for the children - this really does help too. We have set out below the things we are most in need of. Please note however that toiletries in particular are much cheaper to purchase in India than overseas.

LATEST LIST - You can read in general about the things we need below but we will publish a more detailed list before the next tourist season, when we can look forward to receiving visitors.  


In certain circumstances we are able to arrange excess charity luggage allowances.  Click here for more information. You can also access an application form here.

Pens, Pencils, Crayons etc
All of our school bags are filled with much needed stationery items. You can read more about what a bag contains here.
We regularly give out toothbrushes and toothpaste. We also require hundreds of toothbrushes, boxes of toothpaste and soap for our Bags4School scheme. Click here to read what we use and prices in Goa.
Exercise Books
As schools in Goa do not provide exercise books, Mango House provides them for the children. We need around 4,500 each year. They cost around 20 rupees each. If you would like to help let us know and we can tell you where to get them in Goa or help you with them.
Fruit and Biscuits
If you would like to sponsor fruit on the day of your visit, please let us know. Prices vary but apples and oranges cost between 7 and 10 rupees each and are a real treat for the children.
Children's Clothing
Children’s clothing is regularly given out in local slums. Click here to read in detail about what we do with the clothes you give in the panel opposite.  Click here to read more about the clothes we can use and those we can’t.
Toys and Books
We need a huge amount of toys to give out as Christmas and Birthday presents and for play at Mango House. Read here what makes a good toy. We can also use second hand books in good condition.