Our Brick By Brick - THE FINAL PUSH Appeal *

We're Raising £50,000 To Help Extend And Equip The Mango Tree House

Many of you may already know that in June 2019 Mango Tree purchased this beautiful Portuguese villa on a large plot of land. Providing a permanent base to house a pre-primary school and afternoon tuition classes had been a primary objective of the Charity since the very earliest days. We have been really touched that so many shared our dream and supported our Brick By Brick Appeal. We thank all our wonderful supporters who have helped us get so far.

We aim to build a two storey extension on the rear. You can see our plans for The Mango Tree House here. In August 2020 we completed the renovation of the original house. You can real all about it here.The end result will be simply amazing and we are very excited that the end of this journey is in sight. We estimate that the balance of funds still needed to extend and furnish the House is £50,000. With this in mind in August 2019 we launched a new appeal – Brick By Brick – The Final Push*^. It’s an enormous challenge but with your help we are determined to rise to it.

Our Leaves For Learning Fundraiser

Over the last 3 years many supporters chose to take part in our Buy A Brick Fundraiser. Each time a donor gave we added a symbolic brick to the Walls of Support which spread throughout our classrooms at Mango House. They were a fabulous reminder of everyone who gave a helping hand to make a permanent base possible. In order to raise funds for our latest Appeal we have started a Leaves For Learning Fundraiser. We very much hope to cover the Mango House walls with trees made from your leaves, monkeys and even some peacocks. You can read about our Leaves For Learning fundraiser here.

Our Furnish Our Classrooms Fundraiser

Whilst the completed Mango Tree House will be fabulous we also need to fit out, furnish and equip it. We need desks, chairs, blackboards, cupboards, computers, ceiling fans, light fittings, sanitary and kitchen ware. These things are essential to make the facilities of the building fabulous for children too. Over the next few months we will be putting together a wish list on our Furnish Our Classroom page. We would love you to donate for a chair, a desk, a table or any of the things we will need. Whilst we developing our list if this is something you could help us with please email us at mangotreegoa@hotmail.co.uk.

Other Ways to Help

We really do need your help to make our plans a reality. We have put together a list of ways you could fundraise here. The ideas range from something as simple as doing a car boot, selling something for us on ebay, organising a Coffee Morning at home or taking cakes to work or something as difficult as taking part in an extreme challenge. If you need any help or advice please contact us at mangotreegoa@hotmail.com

If you have any ideas of organisations we could approach for support please do let us know. And last but never least please help us to spread the word about our Challenge - a personal recommendation or introduction would be very much appreciated.


* We are raising funds to extend, furnish and equip The Mango Tree House. If for any reason we are unable to extend the house or we have surplus funds leftover we will use the donations to provide other assets for our projects in Goa.

^Please note that all Gift Aid recovered in respect of any donation is applied to our General Fund unless donors specifically request otherwise.

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Leaves for Learning
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