Our Leaves For Learning Fundraiser

Our Leaves For Learning Fundraiser is a really important part of our Brick By Brick – The Final Push Appeal* which aims to raise the balance of funds we still need to build a two storey extension at the newly purchased Mango Tree House. You can read more about our plans here. We really hope that supporters will give generously and that our fundraiser will achieve the same success as our Buy A Brick Fundraiser which helped to make the purchase of the property possible.

We want to recognise everyone who helps us to build the extension and so everyone who buys a leaf will have their name added to the symbolic “tree” that the children at Mango House are growing. We will add one leaf to our trees with your name on per donation of £5 or more but if you would like to make a donation in the names of others e.g. friends or family members we will add one leaf per name or couple of names e.g. Keith and Val, Mr and Mrs Jones.

Not only will our trees have leaves but as is the case in Goa we hope to see some monkeys and some peacocks too. In addition to decorating leaves ready for our trees we have also prepared some monkeys and peacocks. For donations/fundraising of £100 or more we will add a monkey with your name on to our trees and for £1,000 we will add a peacock.

We really do appreciate any donation big or small and If you let us have your email address, we will be delighted to email you a photo of one of the children with your leaf, monkey or peacock.

Please help us if you can . There are many ways you can donate. You can make an online donation here or click here for other ways to donate. Don’t forget to leave us a message or email us to tell us the name(s) to include on your leaf, monkey or peacock.


* We are raising funds to extend, furnish and equip The Mango Tree House. If for any reason we are unable to extend the house or we have surplus funds leftover we will use the donations to provide other assets for our projects in Goa. ^Please note that all Gift Aid recovered in respect of any donation is applied to our General Fund unless donors specifically request otherwise.

To help us make a difference please click on the image above and make an online donation now.

There are many other ways you can make a donation - click here to see them all.

The First Peacock in our Trees

At the end of June the Seniors section of Styrrup Hall Golf Club held a fund raising day which raised an incredible £1,041. We were delighted when it was decided that the funds raised should go towards building the extension at the Mango Tree House. To recognise their achievement here is the rather showy peacock that we added to our tree.

Brick by Brick - THE FINAL PUSH Appeal

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