Sponsor a Class at our Mango Tree House Project

By sponsoring one of our Lower or Upper Kindergarten Classes you will be helping to support children who are just starting out on what can be a challenging journey from slum to school. You will be able to follow what our youngest children learn, where they go, what they enjoy and how they are progressing. Once your class graduates from the Mango Tree House pre-primary they will attend outside primary school in the morning and join Mango Tree House for lunch and afternoon tuition classes. At that point we will ask you if you would like to sponsor an individual child or continue to sponsor the next Lower or Upper Kindergarten Class.

You can read the key points about the scheme below and read more in detail in our Frequently Asked Questions here. Please contact us at info@mangotreegoa.org to let us know you would like to join our programme.

If you prefer to sponsor an individual child please read about our Child Sponsorship Scheme here.

What Does it Cost?
We ask for the equivalent of £15 per month to take part in our Sponsor A Class Programme and ask that you make a regular monthly payment or an annual payment in advance.
How Will the Money I Give Be Used?
The money you give is pooled with the contributions of other sponsors and used to support Pre-Primary education at any of our projects. In this way your donations are spent in such a way as to make the most difference to the greater number of children and will help to ensure that the pre-primary education is available for the greatest number of children.
How Long Will I Sponsor For?
When children complete Upper Kindergarten they will attend outside schools in the mornings and come to Mango Tree House for lunch, afternoon tuition classes and fun times too. At that point we will ask whether you want to join our general sponsorship scheme and sponsor an individual child who was in your class, whether you would like to sponsor another Upper or Lower Kindergarten class or end your sponsorship.
How Will I Benefit?
Pre-primary school is a great challenge for many children. Not only will they learn basic numeracy and literacy but they also learn the social skills they will need to successfully make the transition from home to school. You will have a unique opportunity to learn about the background of our youngest members, what they learn and how they are progressing. You will receive a quarterly update. If you are visiting Goa you will be very welcome to meet your class.