Sponsor a Child in Goa

Without support many disadvantaged children in Goa will not have the opportunity to go to and remain in school. More than likely they will be forced into child labour and the cycle of poverty and illiteracy will continue to the next generation. You could help change this by becoming a child sponsor.

Sponsoring a child is a unique opportunity to follow the development of a child and we guarantee that you will be the child's only sponsor. Our sponsored children will normally be from amongst the youngest school-going children but do let us know if you have a particular request - e.g. to sponsor a child the same age as your child, and we will check whether it is possible.

You can read the key points about the scheme below and read more in detail in our Frequently Asked Questions here. Please contact us at info@mangotreegoa.org to let us know you would like to join our programme.

If you prefer to sponsor a Class at our Mango House Project, please read about our Class Sponsorship Scheme here.

What Does it Cost?
We ask for the equivalent of £15 per month to take part in our Sponsorship Programme and that you make a regular monthly payment or an annual payment in advance. We absolutely guarantee that you will be the only sponsor of your sponsored child.
How Will the Money I Give Be Used?
The money you give is pooled with the contributions of other sponsors to support our projects on the ground in Goa. In this way your donations are spent in such a way as to make the most difference to the greatest number of children.
Can I Choose Which Child I Sponsor?
In the interests of Child Safety we are careful that children cannot be identified through our website and we do not therefore provide any details of individual children here. You can choose whether you would like to sponsor a boy or girl. Of course we will provide details and photos on sponsorship.
How Will I Benefit?
You will have a unique opportunity to follow a chlid's development. Within a month of joining you will receive a profile and a photo of your sponsored child. In order the you can follow your sponsored child's development we will send you an update roughly once a quarter. If you are in Goa you will be welcome to meet your sponsored child.