Our Core Beliefs and Values

Education is the Main Route out of Poverty

Education can transform the lives of children now and in the future. Not only does it give children the knowledge and skills to improve their own lives but when they have families of their own their children will have a better chance of surviving and thriving.

A Healthy Educated Childhood

Children have the right to a healthy educated childhood, to be safe from abuse, to attend school, to be treated with respect and to be heard. They have the right to act like children and to play.

Child Protection

We take seriously our responsibility to promote child safe practices and protect the children we come into contact with from harm. We require partner organisations to do the same.

Positive Images Not Emotive Stories and Photos

We believe that every child has the right to dignity and that supporters are generally aware of the difficulties disadvantaged children living in Goa face. We therefore avoid publicising emotive stories and photographs and instead focus on positive images and information about what has been achieved.

Regardless of Religion, Gender, Caste or Class

We support disadvantaged children regardless of their religion, gender, caste or class and will only work with partners and organisations that do the same. We may, however, develop schemes to target additional support to particular groups where evidence is clear this is warranted.

A Hand Up Rather Than A Hand Out

We know that hand outs can provide short term relief but they are unlikely to provide a permanent escape from the poverty cycle. Our role is to provide children with opportunities. We work to help children develop and reach their full potential by providing a hand-up rather than a hand out.

Collaboration Not Control

Whilst we will agree overall plans, budgets and insist on certain Child Protection arrangements and financial controls when working with partners we do not presume to know the best way to do things in Goa. We will advise and support but our partner organisations run their projects on the ground and have a far better idea about religious sensitivities, cultural values, official requirements and the advantages of one solution over another than we ever can.

Integrity And Honesty

We will speak and act honestly and be open and factual in our dealings with donors, fundraisers and the public at large.

Minimal Operating Costs

Operating costs should be kept to the minimum necessary. We will not employ non-Indian staff nor maintain an office in the UK which ensures that more of the funding raised goes towards the projects we deliver and support.