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Many of you will already know that in a bid to stop the spread of corona virus there has been a continuous and extreme lockdown in Goa since March 22nd. The impact of the lockdown, whilst effective in controlling the spread, has been catastrophic for most of the families of the children Mango Tree helps. Most fathers are day labourers receiving daily wages. All work stopped overnight and as a consequence so did income. Families are relatively safe but at a dreadful human cost. They simply cannot provide for themselves.

Whilst Mango Tree focuses on education we have always recognised that good nutrition is essential for children to thrive and develop. Since lockdown began it has been unbearable to contemplate children going hungry. At the same time the situation in Goa is very difficult. Lockdown really does mean lockdown. You cannot gather nor travel without a permit. Food has been scarce and police deal with anyone found out of their home without good reason harshly, often resorting to corporal punishment. When our team left work on the Friday they expected to be back on the Monday. As a consequence they had no work phones or contact details with them and could not check up on families. They had no access to cash or cheque books. Against this impossible back drop we asked our team what was needed most and what could actually be done to provide substantial relief for every child.

Against all the odds, on Friday 17th April our team managed to provide a food parcel for every child. Each parcel weighed almost a stone (around 6kgs) and provided rice, flour dal, oil, masala, tumeric and a jar of pickle. On the basis that a kg of rice will provide about 25 meals and a kg of flour around 35 chapattis we know parents can provide meals for a child for around a month. We can only admire and thank the Mango House team for going above and beyond to get the much needed items to families and for doing it in such an organised manner.

Like many charities, we are very concerned about fundraising in the coming year. It cost around £1,350 to provide 250 food parcels. That's around £5.40 each. As we don't provide food in the school holidays this is an additional but very necessary expense. In the hope of meeting some of the costs of this and any future distributions which may be needed we have set up an appeal - the Food For Thought Appeal*. We do appreciate that many people already give a great deal and that many may themselves be having a tough time at the moment but if you can and would like to donate to cover the costs of feeding a child please do. Please don't think a small amount isn't worth it. A £5 donation would almost cover the cost of a parcel and if you had seen parents anxiously queuing on Friday, you would know that a parcel made a world of difference.

Please donate and help us feed children if you can.


*Funds raised from our Food For Thought Appeal in the first instance will be allocated to the expenses incurred in providing food on 17th April, then to any further distribution as and when necessary and if any funds remain unspent to the costs of providing meals in general.


There are many ways to make a donation as follows


There are lots of ways to help Mango Tree to transform the lives of disadvantaged children. You could

  • Donate
  • Sponsor a Child
  • Organise a Fundraiser
  • Shop Online using the Give As You Live Scheme
  • Take Much Needed Items to Mango House
  • Spread the Word

You can make a one-off or regular donation by visiting our Virgin Money Giving page here. Please do not be put off by thinking you can only afford a small contribution. Every little helps, so be assured that if you can make a gift of any amount that gift will make a difference.


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