Our Buy A Brick Fundraiser

Our Buy A Brick Fundraiser is a really important part of our Brick By Brick Appeal which aims to raise the balance of funds needed to build The Mango Tree House - a purpose built pre-primary school and afternoon tuition centre for disadvantaged children in Goa. Whilst we aim to raise the bulk of funds through grants we aim to raise at least £10,000 from public donations and hope that our “Buy A Brick” campaign captures the hearts and minds of the public to help meet this target.

Add Your Name To Our "Wall"

We want to recognise everyone who helps us to build The Mango Tree House and so everyone who buys a brick will have their name added to the symbolic “wall” that the children at Mango House are “building”. We will add one brick to our wall per donation of £5 or more but if you would like to make a donation in the names of others e.g friends or family members we will add one brick per name or couple of names e.g Keith and Val, Mr and Mrs Jones, Jones Family. On the last Friday of every month we will add the latest bricks to our wall and if we have your email address we will email you a photo of your “brick”. If you would prefer not to be added to our wall just tell us and we will simply add an anonymous brick.

If you would like to help us build a future for disadvantaged children please make a donation today. You can make an online donation here or click here for other ways to make a donation. Don’t forget to leave us a message or email us to tell us the name(s) to include on your brick(s).

Our Buy A Brick Gift Cards

We also have Buy A Brick Gift Cards (a sample of which you can see here). If you have a UK postal address or are visiting Mango House we can provide you with a card if you would like to make a gift of a brick to a loved one e.g to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, Christmas. Please contact us for more information.

Could You Be A Brick And Help Us Sell Some Bricks?

We need as many people as possible to help us sell bricks. We have a stock of leaflets and cards and we would be delighted if you will help us sell some. Again, please contact us if you can help.

Our Wall Will Also Need Some Pillars

Alongside our bricks we know that we need supporting pillars. We will add a pillar to our wall to recognise grants, fundraising or donations of £1,000 or more. We know it’s a huge sum but If you think you could help us by making a donation or fundraising to raise £1,000 we would love to hear from you too.


* We are raising funds to build and equip The Mango Tree House. If for any reason we are unable to build the House or we have surplus funds leftover we will use the donations to provide other accommodation and equipment for our projects in Goa.

To help us make a difference please click on the image above and make an online donation now. Don't forget to leave us a message to tell us the name(s) you would like to include on your brick(s).

There are many other ways you can make a donation - click here to see them all.

Kumari, Kiishan and Rahul Provide Our First Bricks

Pictured above holding the first Buy A Brick Gift Card is Kumari. You can also see her "brick" in our main photo. Kumari is the niece of Chantel, our very lovely voluntary project manager for The Mango Tree House. During a meeting in the lead up to launching our appeal Chantel saw one of the newly printed gift cards. She immediately thought it would be an ideal gift for her niece's 21st birthday. On taking the card home Chantel's young sons Kiishan and Rahul decided to raid their money boxes to buy bricks too. And so the Mango House brick wall began.......

Our Walls of Support

We are delighted that so many of the walls at Mango House are now covered in bricks representing the donations of our supporters. We say a huge thank you to all who have contributed so generously.