Our Brick By Brick Appeal -

Will You Help Us Build A Future For Disadvantaged Children?

Our Brick By Brick Appeal* aims to raise £60,000, the balance of funds required to build and equip The Mango Tree House, a purpose built pre-primary school and afternoon tuition centre for disadvantaged children living in slums and other poor accomodation. We know that The Mango Tree House is really needed because demand far outweighs the number of places available at our Mango House project located around a kilometer away. Without a place many children would never go to school, many would struggle to stay in school and many wouldn’t have a decent meal every day. We know that it’s a lot of money to raise but we also know The Mango Tree House really does have the potential to help provide children with a healthy educated childhood and the opportunity to break free from the cycle of poverty. Quite simply it will change children’s lives for the better.

You can see the ways in which the project will help by viewing this short video of our existing project at Mango House here. Alongside our Mango House project The Mango Tree House will eventually provide :-

  • A pre-primary school for around 75 children
  • Afternoon tuition classes for around 75 children
  • A computer/quiet room so that older children can drop in as and when they need a peaceful environment to study, seek help or access computers
  • A healthy, nutritious meal for all those attending
  • Support from a Social Worker, Counsellor and Nurse
  • Recreational facilities so children can have fun too

The land for The Mango Tree House has already been purchased. It will cost approximately £85,000 to build and equip the House and thanks to the generosity of supporters we have been able to make a further £25,000 available towards these costs. We have made a good start but we need to raise a further £60,000. We aim to start work on Phase One of our new building later this year but we need your support to make this possible.

Our Buy a Brick Fundraiser

While we aim to raise the bulk of the necessary funds through grants we aim to raise at least £10,000 from public donations and fundraising. Our Buy A Brick Fundraiser is a really important part of our fundraising effort. Please click here to read how the children at Mango House will add a "brick" to their "wall" in respect of every donation of £5 or more.

Other Ways To Help

We really do need your help to make our plans a reality. If you could raise funds for our Appeal please contact us – we would be delighted to hear from you. We have put together a list of ways you could fundraise here. The ideas range from something as simple as doing a car boot, selling something for us on ebay, organising a Coffee Morning at home or taking cakes to work or something as difficult as taking part in an extreme challenge. It doesn’t matter what you do – but if you can, please do something.

Please help us reach our target. By supporting our Brick By Brick Appeal* you really will give hundreds of children a real chance to break free from the poverty cycle.


* We are raising funds to build and equip The Mango Tree House. If for any reason we are unable to build the House or we have surplus funds leftover we will use the donations to provide other accommodation and equipment for our projects in Goa.

To help us make a difference please click on the image above and make an online donation now.

There are many other ways you can make a donation - click here to see them all.

Our Buy A Brick Fundraiser

Our Buy A Brick Fundraiser offers everyone the opportunity to make a lasting change by making a donation of £5 or more. Click the image above to read all about it and to see how the children at Mango House are building a “wall” to recognise our donors.

Introducing Julie Davis

Julie Davis is the latest member to join our trustee board. The fact that Julie won an award last year for her outstanding personal contribution to her company gives a clue about her drive and determination. She is a passionate Mango Tree supporter with a keen interest in fundraising. If you can help with our Brick By Brick Appeal please contact us and Julie will be very happy to talk to you.